About CLO 3D
CLO 3d is the leading of integrated 3D digital product solutions for the textile industry. Clo3d is a 3d design software that helps fashion and garments business. This 3d modelling software has modules for supporting options required by this business such as the various size of clothes, shapes, new brands, colours, etc. It is very famous among all the software designers with users from all over the world. In this version having Amazing new features such as High-Quality Realtime Render, Rotate Dart, Fullness And Group Patterns.


CLO 3d V5.2.142 New Features

1.)           HIGH-QUALITY REALTIME RENDER- Experience a more quality render in the 3D window. 3D Window is a 3D area where it is possible to simulate garments and move avatars to create animations, Starting from ver 5.2, high-quality render is offered in the 3D window.
Location- Show/ Hide 3D Window
Main Menu Display Windows  3D Garment Window
Quality Render (3D Window)
Main Menu Render Quality Render (3D Window)
Icon in the 3D Window
  Quality Render (3D Window

2.)         RENDER I VARIOUS LIGHTS-  To Create lights in different forms: Rectangle, Sphere, Spot, Direct, and IES.
Location-Create Light
Render Toolbar Rectangle /Sphere /Spot /Directional/IES/ Dome Light

Select Light
Main Menu 3D Garment Select/Move
3D Toolbar Select/Move

3.)         YKK ZIPPER SLIDER & PULLER LIBRARY- YKK’s zippers and sliders are provided as presents.

4.)         ZIPPER STOPPER- Automatically attach zipper stoppers when creating Zippers.

5.)          PLEATS-Create preferred styles of pleats to patterns.
Location- Main Menu  2D Pattern  Pleats  Pleats
2D Toolbar Pleats
6.)         ROTATE DART- To Move to a new location or divide a Dart by rotating it.  
Location-Main Menu 2D Pattern Edit Edit Pattern
7.)          FULLNESS- To add fullness in pattern by Slash & Spread method.
Location-Main Menu 2D Pattern Edit  Slash & Spread or Fullness (Line)

8.)         GROUP PATTERNS- To Select and edit multiple Patterns as a group.
Location-Main Menu 2D Pattern Edit Transform Pattern

CLO v5.1.142 Installation Guide..

1.Before start need to disconnect our internet connection.
2.Now run CLO 5.2.142 Setup.
3.After finished CLO 5.2 setup, Open window defender firewall and go to advanced settings.
4.Click on Inbound rule and create New rules.
5.And Select from C:\Program Files\CLO Standalone\ CLO_Standalone_x64.exe
6.Don't Forget to tick on Block connection option.
7.And give name for example clo 5.2 and create in bound rule by clicking on finish button.
8.After that Click on out bound rules and follow the same process as we done to create in bound rule.
9. Close window window defender firewall.
10.Now go to crack folder and click on Block Host clo3d.com [ Run Administrator ].cmd file and run as a administrator.
11.Now copy CLO_Standalone_x64.exe file from crack folder.
12.And paste on C:\Program Files\CLO Standalone\
13.Now we can connect our internet connection.
14.When we open clo application from desktop , It will ask User ID and Password, Don’t worry…Give any name..for example- user ID- ABC and Password-123
15. Also tick on Save ID and pin before log in.
16. It will work perfectly... Enjoy...

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Free Download CLO 3D Standalone V5.2.142

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