Welcome to the Garment Tech. channel, This lesson is the Fifth lesson of this series. In this tutorial you will learn how to create zipper  in CLO3d. If you haven't  seen previous lesson then pls visit on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/GarmentTech

How To Zipper in CLO3D

1.Create Zipper- To create and express Zippers quickly and easily.

A. Follow the indicated guideline below:

Main Menu  Materials  Zipper  Zipper
3D Toolbar ► Zipper tool in CLO3DZipper


1.Select the tool/menu indicated in Location.

2.Click on the 3D garment or 2D Patterns, where the Zipper is attached, then move the cursor. 
Based on the direction the cursor was moved, the segment where the Zipper appears is highlighted in light blue.

3.Double click on the desired endpoint for the Zipper.
One side of the Zipper is created.

4.Click on the Pattern outline where the other side of the Zipper is attached, then move the cursor.
Based on the direction the cursor was moved, a blue point appears indicating the same length as the first half of the Zipper that was created.

5.Double click on the blue point.
The Zipper is now complete along with a Puller, a Slider, and a Stopper.

 6. Activate the   Simulate tool.

 The Zipper simulates being closed.

2.Unzip/Zip Zipper- To Zip or unzip Zippers as needed.

A. Follow the indicated guideline below:

3D Toolbar ► Select/move tool in CLO3DSelect/Move


1. Click & drag on the Zipper Slider. 
The selected Slider is highlighted in yellow.

2.Continue to drag the Slider.
The Slider follows and moves along with the cursor.
A preview of the new Slider position appears.

3.Release the mouse at the desired position.
The Zipper Slider is moved to the new location.

4. Activate the Simulate tool in CLO3DSimulate tool.
The Zipper simulates and zip/unzip based on the new location. 

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